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Our history dates back to 2002, when we obtained a promotion permit for the capture of a newly discovered species in our country: The generous clam, our performance earned us the first commercial permit for this species in 2003, our commitment to excellence, good practices and continuous improvement allowed us in 2009,  Our capture polygon was the first to be classified in the Gulf of California by COFEPRIS, which opened up a world of possibilities in international markets. To access them, we began construction in 2010 of the first plant designed from the ground up to the storage of live marine products, with the health and quality standards necessary to be certified for export to the main international markets.

Atenea en el Mar was inaugurated on September 9, 2011. In June 2012 we obtained the first certification for a plant of its kind to export to China under the new scheme. In December of the same year we obtained the first and to date the only one. FDA certification throughout Mexico, for a plant with wet storage for export to the United States. These certifications have been added to those of the European Union for fishery products, that of Canada, that of Brazil and we are waiting for that of Russia.

Our working group continues in the search for excellence, with 10 smaller vessels, two capture areas, one of them the only concession for the Almeja Generosa species in Mexico, and alliances with the main certified producers of bivalve mollusks that share our vision , generating opportunities, prioritizing quality and customer service. We promote the generous clam improvement project in the Gulf of California to improve the sustainability conditions of the fishery and ensure a better future for our children. 

In addition to handling live products, we receive the corresponding certifications for shelling mollusks, freezing, packaging, cooking, filleting and portioning of fishing products, etc. Which makes our facilities one of the most versatile in the handling of food from the sea, both for our products and in the provision of services to our allies and clients.

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