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Chione Clam (Chione SPP)


It is a bivalve mollusk with a thick shell, generally white in color, it can present dark colors depending on the substrate where it is found, it has prominent radial ridges of brown to grayish color and a tendency to darken. The minimum capture size fluctuates between 30 mm. Habitat: Estuaries, bays with temperate and tropical waters can be found.  Feeding: Phytoplankton filters, this organism in its habitat has a temperature range of 15°C to 32°C   
Length: Varies from 30 mm to 50 mm, but can grow up to 88 mm.  

Average Weight: 50 to 80 gr./piece for each complete organism.

Management Recommendations:

This product is frozen using rapid freezing equipment at a temperature between -20C° to -30°C in a time of 30min to 2 hours. And it is passed to a conservation chamber that is between -18C° to -30°C. 
Once the product is distributed to the sales warehouses, it must be transported in a refrigerated box that can maintain a temperature preferably ≤ -18C°. 
The product must be handled carefully to avoid damage from breakage or rupture. It is recommended to store it in conservation under the same characteristics. (≤ -18C°) and this product must always be kept frozen. 

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