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Mulefoot Clam (Anadara Tuberculosa)

The shells are large and oval, relatively thick. The valves show between 33 and 37 ribs, with angled dorsal margins. Its color is white, covered by a hairy periostracum that ranges from dark brown to black. It has wide and prominent umbos. The nodules or tubercles on the ribs are the reason for the species name. Its cardinal area is narrow. 
Its length varies from 75 mm to 110 mm 
Average weight: 180 to 450 gr complete organism  
Meat weight: 45 to 115 gr. 

This product is handled live, packed in foam boxes containing 8 dozen and weighing approximately 21 kg per box. 
Once received at the sales location, the product must be carefully unpacked to avoid damage due to breakage. It is recommended to store it in a cool humid place (approx. 15°C to 18°C). 

Avoid freezing and/or store it at temperatures below 14°C or above 20°C. Preferably use a thick, damp blanket or any fabric that does not shed fibers to cover the product to avoid contact with air currents that could dehydrate it. 

Dissolved oxygen: 4 to 5 ppm 
Temperature: 16°C  to 18°C 
Salinity: 3.2 to 3.4% 
pH: 7.9 to 8.2 
Ammonium: ≤ 0.5 ppm

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