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Red Abalone (Haliotis Rufescens)


The RED ABULON is a single-shell marine gastropod that has three to four holes in its shell, it has an edible muscle that feeds on seaweed. Red abalone is distributed from Baja California, Baja California Sur and northern part of California, USA. In cultivation it can grow up to 8cm, which is a size that can be reached in a period of 3 to 4 years depending on the general conditions of the area. This product is grown in the Ejido Eréndira, a place located south of the municipality of Ensenada.  
Its length or size is classified as Class 4, class  5,  and class 6 which means that  they can be 4 pieces, 5 and/or 6 pieces / pound. 
Average weight: Depending on the class, it ranges from 75 grm to 150 grm/piece.  
Every product delivered for sale to the distributor must require the label that protects the product and/or lot purchased. 
This product is harvested and transported in foam coolers (Ericera type)  at a temperature between 10C° to 15°C at a time, the transport box must also  maintain a refrigeration environment, preferably if the location is more 4 hours of travel. (greater than or equal to 7.2C) 8 to 12 min.  

Once the product is distributed to the sales warehouses, if the product (abalone) wants to be kept alive, it must be kept in humid storage (fish tanks and/or batteries that are equipped with a biological filtration system, mechanical filtration, recirculation and cooling of seawater), likewise the system must have disinfection equipment that allows maintaining the safety of the water in the environment.

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